Selling Your House in the Winter

Yes – it’s cold and snowy outside and here you are trying to sell your home. There’s only so much you can do when everything outside is white! However, a few tips will help make your home stand out.

  1. Keep your driveway and walkways snow free. No one wants to have to slog through 6 inches of snow to get to the front door. Remember, you probably come in through your garage everyday but people who are coming to look at your home are coming through the front door so do all you can to make it inviting.
  2. Keep a rug by the front door so people can wipe their feet off and provide booties for their shoes. Any store like Home Depot or Lowes has boxes of footies and they are inexpensive.
  3. Keep your pets in a safe place. Since you may not b able to keep your pets outside when it is cold and snowy, you need to find an alternative so that buyers are not distracted or turned away by your pets.
  4. How does your house smell? This time of year, your windows are closed and the house may not smell fresh and clean like it will come spring. Sometimes, we don’t notice our house smells – we are used to it. Just before a showing, heat some cookies in the oven and then put them out for your prospective buyers. If you can’t do that, then put some sort of mild smelling air freshener in a couple of rooms. Go outside, come back in and see what you think. Your home may be beautiful but a sour or bad smell in your home can turn people away.
  5. Leave the lights on and open the blinds. Winter days can tend to be dark and dreary so do all you can to make your home the bright spot in they buyer’s day.
  6. Keep it neat! This applies year round so don’t forget it in the winter.

Just a few tips to help you sell your home and draw those winter buyers. Yes, there is less inventory this time of year, so make your home stand out!

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