Decorating For Christmas?

Most of us are. For some, decorating comes easily. I know a young lady whose family has affectionately nicknamed – Martha Stewart!  She can make something out of nothing and decorates beautifully. That’s not me. I know what I like but I need a little help with the execution. There are, however, some great websites that have simple decorating ideas. So, for those of us who are “idea challenged,” try out these sites.   – if you don’t already have one, create an account and then start a search for inexpensive Christmas decorations! – they have a craft section and show you how to do all kinds of stuff.

Or Google DIY Christmas Decorations ideas. You will see all kinds of sites including the two above. Not only are some of the ideas inexpensive, you don’t need to be a professional carpenter to create them! Sometimes all you need is old decorations and some paint! – another great site to give you some new ideas. – Reader’s Digest has lots of great ideas on their site!  Who knew? Just do a search for Christmas decorations.

Have fun and save some money – Connie Downs


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