5 Home Buying Tips

couple200Home prices and mortgage rates fluctuate. Inventory can run thin.

There are agents telling you daily to buy or sell now now now…. So how do you insure that you will be able to get sell the home you have now or even get the home you want to move into?

If you’re considering selling your home but it’s the buying of your next one that has you stuck take a look at these five quick tips to help you find just the right home for you no matter what the market is doing.

Know the Market
It’s a good start to at least know what’s going on. There are any number of online tools to help you do this, or you could just sit down with your REALTOR® and buy them a cup of coffee.

Know How Much You Can Afford
It’s important not to go in with Beverly Hills tastes and only piggy bank pocket money. Know what you can afford. This will help you narrow down your search between what’s out there and what’s actually possible.

Understand the Process
This is especially important if you are looking at short sales or foreclosure listings. It’s better to know a little about the ups and downs and what to expect rather than to rush in and suffer with frustration or disappointment.

Know Where You Want to Live
Get to know the area if it’s not where you’re from and make sure you’re looking for homes in the place you want to be. Being reasonably located to shopping, work, school, or other necessary amenities may seem like a minor thing now but it will count a lot more later when it’s part of the daily routine.

Work with a Professional
Were you expecting that one? Honestly though, a qualified real estate agent can make the entire process a lot easier. From understanding the process, to making sure you have all the right paper work, an experienced REALTOR® if worth their weight in gold.

You can start finding that perfect home for you RIGHT NOW!
And you don’t even have to search! Just go to my website and sign up for the Dream Home Program! This automated home search allows you to receive links to listings that match YOUR needs without having to login and search every day!


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